Kerry Smart

Dryad Armwarmers Pattern

dryad armwarmers pattern

These armwarmers have a lace leaf pattern running up each side and end in decorative points. Great for festivals or wood elf costumes, and look best in leafy colours. Charted and written directions are included, and it uses approximately 100m DK weight yarn.

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Very Large Red Hat Pattern

very large red hat pattern

This is an extremely large hat! It's intended for people with massive heads or massive hair - anyone else may be swallowed whole. It has as a small cable detail, so if you want a simple introduction to cables this is a good pattern for you. Uses approximately 180m bulky weight yarn.

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Eyelet Dread Tam Pattern

eyelet dread tam pattern

A large hat, perfect for dreadlocks, large heads, or when you just want a super slouchy hat. It has a simple ribbing and eyelet pattern, making it a good introductory project for working with stitch patterns. It's reversible and looks great in self-striping yarns. Uses approximately 180m aran/worsted weight yarn.

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Want to learn to knit? I'm here to help! I'm available for group or private lessons, and regularly have beginner knitting classes at Shall We Knit? in Waterloo, ON. Contact me for more details, or check out Shall We Knit's class list to register for an upcoming class. I'm happy to help you work through projects and I can teach these skills:

  • the knit and purl stitches (english and continental style)
  • casting on and binding off
  • increasing and decreasing
  • working in the round
  • fixing mistakes
  • what is gauge, why it's important, how to get it
  • choosing and reading a pattern
  • cables
  • lace
  • knitting with beads
  • interested in something else? just ask!


Have you ever wanted an awesome knitted thing but didn't have the skill/time/energy to make it yourself? I can make it for you! I can work from a pattern or design something just for you. Contact me to start discussing your project.


Flooded! museum exhibit

The "Flooded!" museum exhibit explored floods and their impact and was part of KIX 2014. I worked in a group of six over eight months to design and build this exhibition. I managed the visual design of the exhibit. More details about this project coming soon!

flooded museum exhibit

Knit On/Off

Knit On/Off is my thesis project. It is currently in progress, and will be finished by the end of 2015. I'm making a mechanical knitting machine which will simultaneously knit and un-knit a piece of fabric. This work will be an examination of the intersection of art, craft, and technology. More details will be added as the project progresses.

knit on/off

Here is Pretty

Here is Pretty is a webapp which lets you find and record pretty places. Users can use it to record and organize nice places to walk, good coffee shops, interesting trees, or anything else. It's designed to be primarily used on-site through mobile devices, but you can add places from a distance as well. I'm designing and implementing the front end and a friend is managing the back end. This project is currently in development, but you can follow our progress on Github.

here is pretty screenshot


The KI-Checker uses user input to calculate the remaining courses needed to graduate from Knowledge Integration at the University of Waterloo (based on the 2014-2015 undergrad calendar). I wrote this by myself to learn javascript and jQuery. Source on Github.

KI screenshot


  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Photoshop/Krita/GIMP
  • Inkscape
  • Git
  • Python (very basic)